So, Uhuru Told Traders At Kongowea Market NOT TO PAY Taxes To Governor Joho’s County Government- This Hilarious, Not Sad.

By Hesbon O

If people were to be incited not to pay taxes to governments on account of poor service delivery then Jomo Kenyatta would have had no right to rule over large swathes of the country including Northern Kenya, Rift Valley and Western Kenya.

The same applies to Moi regime and Kibaki leadership during his first tenure ..

It is therefore IRRESPONSIBLE for a President of Kenya to incite residents and traders of Mombasa against paying taxes under the guise of service delivery.

Unless Uhuru is setting a precedent for which the rest of the country will refuse to pay taxes.

This man is clearly losing, does he know much taxes we pay and the little or sometimes no service at all from national government? For how long did students go without teachers or hospitals without doctors,nurses or even meducation yet we pay taxes?.

To even go ahead and ask the police to arrest anyone collecting market taxes/fees is an abrogation of his duty as a defender of the constitution ..
Can someone tell the president to think through his speech first? He is inciting Kenyans not to pay taxes? How will his government function? Or China will fund everything?

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