Mr SK. Macharia,   Owner of Royal Media services, while giving his contributions as a representative of the Media Association of Kenya, at the Senate Legal Committee sittings, stoked a very emotive topic many Kenyans might not want to hear, by claiming to have evidence on who won General election in the Presidential race since 1992.

He claimed that Hon. Keneth Njido Matiba, won the 1992 Presidential elections beating retired President  Daniel Arap Moi but was denied victory.

In 1997,President  Moi was declared a winner without even votes being counted after he realized that he was losing. A State house official said that the elections will continue the next day. After all clerks had left all polling stations President  Daniel Moi was declared the winner.

The only election he said was not contentious was the 2002, where Kibaki won resoundingly by beating his closest competitor Uhuru Kenyatta, who went ahead to concede defeat.

In 2007 he claims Raila Odinga beat Mwai Kibaki, but later Kibaki was declared as the winner in a very unclear circumstances and sworn in at night at the State House grounds.

Mr. Macharia was very categorical that statistics don’t lie and has all evidence to prove his allegations.

He said that there is no need to hoodwink Kenyans to go manual while the IEBC can use an Electronic back up system.

On whether it was not easy to transmit data from remote areas not covered by 3G Networks he alluded that during the 2002 Elections the European Union and other International Organizations provided satellite phones and whereby Media houses were able to transmit the results real time as votes concluded in all voting stations and from tallying centers. So there is no need to raise any alarm because the BVR kits are battery powered and wondered why they should fail.

The just concluded Ghanian Elections ,He and other Kenyan professionals including the IEBC Chair, went to Ghana and saw how the process was conducted without any hitch and everything moved on smoothly and incase there was an issue there were mechanisms in place to arrest the situation.

Mr. SK. Macharia went ahead to tell the committee that even one of our neighboring Country Burundi borrowed our Equipment which worked very well without any problem, and is wondering why they can’t work in Kenya. Or maybe someone is willing to manipulate them not to work as expected in the coming general Elections.

Video Courtesy of KTN.

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