Size 8 claps back at trolls on her song ‘Mwambie’

Size 8 recently released three songs on the same day, Mwambie, I can’t imagine and Bless my way by Alemba ft Size 8.

Mwambie received a lot of backlash as many criticised her for trying to rap. Others advised her to stick to singing, as rapping is not her thing.

Well, Size 8 has come to address the issue, shutting the trolls and asking them to keep on talking as they are not talking enough.

Speaking to Word Is, she said, “I like the attention Mwambie is getting, because when people talk about it, other people will go and listen to it and through that, people will get ministered to. So for me, all I have to say is keep on talking. Let the views go up, let the song be heard. Keep on talking because I don’t think you are talking enough.”

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