Shell pumps money into Aberdare Hill Climb

The Shell Petroleum Company has joined the sponsors list for this weekend’s Aberdare Hill Climb.

The company that distributes and markets Shell-branded fuels and lubricants, has injected excitement into the Aberdare Hill Climb by sponsoring the evet that is organised by the Rift Valley Motor Sports Club.

The company has pledged to be part of the deal which sees a large number of rally drivers, bugged and motorcycle riders preparing to tackle the two-day competition.

“This is also a chance to showcase the prowess and capability of Shell V-Power and we wish all the drivers the best but above all we urge them to drive safely at all times,” said Mark Senteu, the Shell’s Marketing Manager in the country.

The event is also sponsored by Kenya Commercial Bank, Stanbic and Coca Cola.

The Aberdare Hill Climb is set in the heart of Great Rift Valley overlooking the iconic Lake Naivasha.

The event, which will be first of its kind in Africa, will be organised by the Fat Rhinos Team under the RVMSC umbrella.

Jas Matharu, the Clerk of the Course, said the route is smooth, fast and twisty.

“The route was graded, flattened and covered with murram with the help of the Aberdare Hills Golf Retort. We have also laid down camping facilities for spectators, competitors and officials available at the Aberdare Hill Resort,” said Matharu.

The two-day event will start from 12-6pm on Saturday while the second day on Sunday will be from 8am-12noon.

The competition has attracted most of the leading rally drivers in the country.

The entry list:
Baldev Charger (Mitsubishi), Carl Flash Tundo (Ford Fiesta), Karan Patel (Mitsubishi Lancer), Ian Duncan (Ford Capri), Onkar Rai (Mitsubsishi), Raaji Bharij (2WD car), Rajay Sehmi (2WD car), Ramesh Vishram (Ford Escort), Nikhil Vishram (Ford Escort), Adin Haq, Ajitesh Kapoor (4WD car), Alfir Khan (4WD car), Andrew Pleasance (Buggy)

Anish Chouhan (4WD car), Anthony Nielsen (Buggy), Asad Anwar (4WD car, Ben Spinks (Bike), Hamza Anwar (Buggy), Ben Woodhams (2WD car), Geoff Mayes (4WD car), Gerald Taylor (Bike), Gillian Bailey (Buggy), Imran Hakada (Buggy), Jim Heatherhayes (2WD car), Jon Bovard (4WD car), Karan Sehmi (Buggy), Kunal Patel (Buggy), Lovejyot Singh (Buggy), Mike Diesbec (Bike)

Nisha Pandya (Buggy), Nishit Lakhani (2WD car), Rajesh Maini (Buggy), Ryan Bailey (Buggy), Savanna Jessop (Magic), Shailen Mughal (Buggy), Shazco (Buggy), Tej Sehmi (Bik), Tim Jessop (Bike), Yuv Matharu (Magic ), Zameer Virjee (Buggy), Shivam Vinayak (Bike), Francesco Checchini (Bike), Anthony Nielsen (Bike) and Umar Slatch (Buggy).

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