Seven things teachers must have during interviews

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Poor scores in performance appraisals may work against teachers in the forthcoming promotion interviews.

The Standard has established that Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has asked teachers to submit their performance appraisal report for 2016 when they appear for the interviews which kick off on Monday next week.

A copy of an invitation letter for the candidates, sent to county directors, reveals at least seven things that each of the 27,000 teachers who will participate in the interviews for job groups K, M and N must have.

Besides the appraisal report, they must carry original national identity cards, original academic papers and professional certificates and letter of promotion to their current job groups.

They will also be required to have an analysed individual subject results and those of their schools in national examinations for the last three years.


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The national results performance documents will be certified by TSC Sub-County director, school principal or head teachers.

Produce evidence

“Candidates from institutions that do not participate in national examinations will be required to produce evidence supporting their performance in their area of specialisation,” reads the document.

Besides meeting all the other requirements, a candidate is expected to have scored well in the appraisal exercise, also called Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development.

The tool assesses a teacher’s ability to prepare schemes of work, lesson plans and lesson notes based on the curriculum.

A teacher’s ability to identify his/her performance gaps, detect training needs and seek solutions through professional development courses are also evaluated.

Under the promotion of co-curriculum activities, the teachers are assessed on their ability to organise and guide learners, organise or nurture unique talents and develop them to children’s full potential.


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