Services paralysed at Kenyatta National Hospital as doctors’ strike continue

Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) has ordered all doctors working at the Kenyatta National Hospital not to report to work until the Return to Work Formula is honoured.

KMPDU Chair Dr Samuel Oroko said the hospital’s management has remained unshaken and resorted to issuing its own conditions over and above the already signed deal.

The deal, signed on March 14 between the union, Ministry of Health and Council of Governors who represent 47 counties is what brought the then 100 day protracted doctors strike to an end.

“We agreed we had to domesticate the RTWF for MTRH and KNH but the latter has refused to sign,” said Dr Oroko.

In January, KNH had sacked 12 doctors and handed show cause letters to 48 others for participating in the strike declared illegal by the court.

But when a deal was reached with the government that awarded them a  Doctor Allowances of Sh36, 000-Sh50,000 and a Sh20,000 as risk allowance, KNH’s management was forced to reinstate them and stop any disciplinary action.


Doctors sacked for failing to resume duty

“The rescission of the earlier disciplinary procedure shall not affect the decision to withhold salaries and allowances since the affected doctors for the part or the whole period in question,” said Lily Koros KNH CEO.

KMPDU has further cautioned that refusal by any Government agency not to comply with the RTWF does actually collapse the sealed deal insisting that all doctors fired earlier by counties have to be reinstated.

“We already have a RTWF and you just have to domesticate it for your institution. What is so difficult? These are some of the things that keep dragging us,” said KMPDU Secretary General Dr Ouma Oluga

KNH doctors still on strike despite pact

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