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Senator Fred Outa has started to “Campaign for 2022 Kisumu Governor’s position” Kisumu County Official Reveals

Fred Outa claims that 200 Millions road tender was awarded in a bar

Outa and Nyong'o
Outa and Nyong'o

– Rift between Prof. Nyong’o and Senator Outa

– Alllegations that he wants to have 50% stake in Nyong’o Government

– Kshs. 200 Million road tender ” awarded in a local bar in Kisumu”

– Aballa Wanga dares Senator Outa for a court duel if he doesn’t apologize

Kisumu county official has come out strongly and condemned Senator Outa’s outrageous allegations that a road tender worth  Kshs.200 Millions was awarded in a famous bar in Kisumu county.

The Chief Administrator in Prof. Nyongo’s government, Mr.Aballa Wanga has refuted Outa’s allegations and called it myopic,pedestrian and lacks any merit in the 21st Century. He has demanded an apology from Senator Outa, if not he is suing him for defamation.

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While addressing journalists in Kisumu Hotel, Mr.Wanga fired the first salvo to Senator Outa and dared him to provide any evidential facts in his weird and unsubstantiated claims lased with witch hunt aimed at scoring political mileage for the 2022’s Gubernatorial contest pitting him and the current Governor Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o.

He continued to enlighten Senator Outa’s role as an overseer over the county’s performance in matters development and ensure that the National government allocates enough money to the county ,so that services can be offered to all residents of Kisumu who needs it in order to uplift their living standards by improving healthcare delivery, roads, security, investments and Agriculture.

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Mr. Wanga is also concerned that the senator is only vocal in funerals and in drinking dens with braggadocio attitudes aimed at maligning Prof. Nyong’o’s record at the helm of Kisumu County.

“Why can’t Senator Outa engage or face Prof. Nyong’o in a professional platform or visit him at his office and lay bare his concerns ratter than rattling like a snake which has sensed an approaching enemy? ” Mr. Aballa asked.

A11T0040-1024x683 Senator Fred Outa has started to "Campaign for 2022 Kisumu Governor's position" Kisumu County Official Reveals

He said that the Kisumu county’s Administration will be judged based on deliverable which all and sundry will see. It has taken major strides in eradicating corruption and improving services to the people of Kisumu and by repaying debts left by the former Administration.

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Mr. Outa’s allegations are hinged on witch hunt and won’t scare us from doing our job which the People of Kisumu gave us a chance to serve them. We will deal with backward thinking people like Senator Outa and the residents will judge and exactly understand who is telling tales of Tom and Jerry like shows and I’ll not be bogged down by cheap publicity anchored in mediocrity and political patronage.

When Mr. Aballa Wanga was was asked to give a brief on what has been transpiring between him and the Senator he said that he has no personal differencies with him and maybe he is picking on him to score a few points with his boss Governor Nyong’o.

There are rumors circulating in social media that Mr.Outa wanted a fifty percent stake in Nyongo’s government and maybe might be the reason for their rift but Mr. Aballa Wanga refuted those claims by saying that Kisumu county has one Governor who has the constitutional mandate to appoint whoever he wants to serve in his government and is not dictated by any external forces either living in or outside of Kisumu County.



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