Senate to blame for failed counties, says Governor Wycliffe Oparanya

Kakamega County Governor Wycliffe Oparanya showing members of the public court of arm during official unveiling of the county power instruments at Bukhungu stadium of Kakamega on March 17, 2017. Looking on from left, County Attorney Mr. Moses Sande, Speaker Morrice Buluma and Deputy governor Philip Kutima. Photo by BENJAMIN SAKWA

The Senate has been accused of derailing development projects at the county level.

Speaking during the state of Kakamega County Address, Governor Wycliffe Oparanya blamed the Senate for failing to protect the devolved units.

“Senators have been serving their selfish interests and engaging in witch hunt,” said Mr Oparanya.

He asked the incumbent governors to contest for the senatorial seats in 2022 after their second term in office.

“The governors should vie for Senator seats in 2022 so that they can make laws that will boost devolution because they have enough experience on devolution. The current Senators have failed on their mandate,” he said.

Oparanya also accused MPs for passing laws that sabotage the gains made the new Constitution.


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“The National Assembly has been also undermining the devolved units through passing laws that negatively affect operations of the counties,” the Kakamega governor said.

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