Secret lives of sophisticated hustlers

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The hustler is often seen as school dropout, a failure in everything. That is a fallacy. There are a lot of sophisticated hustlers – they prefer to call themselves hustlers to hide their wealth and identity. Some are employed, but make more money hustling outside of their jobs. They are often talented employees who realise that their employer does not utilise their full potential or time. They enjoy the security of a job but run a hustle, which they see as a hobby.
Most sophisticated hustlers are professionals. They include accountants who will file taxes or keep your books for you. Some are quite ingenious. They realised that employing them full time is expensive. So they come to work for an agreed number of hours a month at an agreed fee. Lawyers fall here, too. They use their spare time to draw wills and other contracts. They are willing to do the ‘small things’ at a fee.
Exploit loopholes
Engineers design houses and drainages and do other jobs for you in their spare time. We can’t leave out doctors who operate side clinics when they’re not at their official jobs; pharmacists do the same. Teachers hold tuition classes to make some extra cash.
ICT experts will come to your house to check out your laptop, sell you software or install a security system. They are often young and thrilled by technology that most people fear.
We can’t leave out the brokers and lobbyists. They will connect you to the people who matter. By yourself, you would be delayed by bureaucracy and possibly lose a lucrative contract. Some of the guys in this category are very ordinary. Just ask around who can take you to State House – you will be surprised.
All these hustlers exploit their spare time and talent to make some extra money and keep themselves busy. Some convert their hustles into full-time jobs or businesses and prosper. Many choose to keep their full-time jobs and the side hustles.
Sophisticated hustlers exploit loopholes in regulation and administration, as well as existing inefficiencies to make some money. They know the gatekeepers and how systems work. They are pragmatists.
Sophisticated hustlers suffer from the illusion of money. Assured of an income because of their talent and flexibility, they never think of expansion. Afraid that too much time spent on the side hustle will expose them, they remain small.
Still, the future looks bright for sophisticated hustlers, given the growth in outsourcing and alternative workplaces.
And by writing what you have just read, I have demonstrated what a sophisticated hustler can do.

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