By Sospeter Otieno


Catalonia has for almost 50 yrs now been crystallizing its move towards secession from what they call an OPPRESSIVE SPAIN. SECESSION TALK starts with OPPRESSION.

The evolution of Catalonian conscientiousness dates back to 1283 when they established a form of government under the Aragonian Crown, Peter the Great.

However, the Corts of Barcelona was dissolved as part of the deal to end the 30 yr war in Europe. This region became under French Crown and would later resort back to Spanish rule and with the push for autonomy gaining ground in the 1930s, mainly driven by massive industrialization, which paved way for Catalonian Rennaissance.

In 1979, the constitution was amended to accommodate Catalonian autonomy, with greater autonomy granted to the Generalitat de Catalunya, replete with a President, Parliament, and Govt.

1978: Catalonia gains greater SOVEREIGNTY with jurisdiction over culture, environment, communications, transportation, commerce, public safety and local government, and but shares jurisdiction with the Spanish government in education, health, and justice.

CATALONA has held Hundreds of non-binding Referenda since 13 September 2009 in which people expressed an unequivocal desire for SECESSION, SOVEREIGNTY, and INDEPENDENCE.

Part of the marriage problems with Spain includes that Catalonia contributes 20% of the central government’s tax revenue, but only receives 14% of central government’s spending.They feel like they are a COLONY of SPAIN rather than PART of SPAIN.

Catalonia as a SECEDED country has a nominal GDP of €200 billion per 2014(the highest of Spain), which is four times the KENYAN economy.

Yesterday they held a Referendum, in which the 4 province region overwhelmingly voted to secede from SPAIN. However, Spanish Police are at this time brutalizing the Catalonian people, with the aim of suppressing their SOVEREIGN will. That referendum now paves way to a Unilateral Declaration of Independence. Rhodesia, Vietnam, US, are all nation states which are products of Unilateral Declarations of Independence, read SECESSION.

Part II will entail the manual to a people seeking, and whose hearts are burning with a drive to SECESSION. If you’re interested in Part 2, just comment below, and I will make it available in the next posting. PART II will be more summarized and more relevant to you.


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