Schools to have centres to boost innovations

A special classroom is set to be established in selected secondary schools across the country as the government makes efforts to promote innovation among students at an early age.

At such a centre, dubbed the ‘makerspace’, students pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics will innovate and enjoy a hands-on approach to teaching and learning.

Students in the schools will carry out activities such as 3D printing, laser cutting, soldering, electronics and robot building.

They will learn about electricity and circuits, sewing and woodwork. They will also be involved in inventing.

The programme is being put in place by the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa.


It seeks to create a culture that inspires students to excel and pursue careers related to science and mathematics.

The centre’s director, Mr Stephen Njoroge, said the special classrooms will enable students to share resources and knowledge, work on projects and network.

“This is a space for students with a maker mindset where they can come together and create something out of nothing,” Mr Njoroge said.


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