Samsung celebrates Galaxy S8 launch in Nairobi

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Samsung Electronics East Africa Managing Director, Jung Hyun Park (right) and Bob Asiyo, the Head of Mobile Division display the new Samsung Galaxy S8

NAIROBI, KENYA: Samsung Electronics has upped its game in the industry with the launch of Galaxy S8.

The company says Galaxy S8 pushes the boundaries of traditional smartphones with its seamless hardware design and a variety of new service offerings.

Speaking at an event to celebrate the global launch in Kenya, Jung Hyun Park, and the Managing Director Samsung Electronics East Africa said the Samsung Galaxy S8 ushers in a new era of smartphone design and fantastic new services, opening up new ways to experience the world.

“The Galaxy S8 is our testament to regaining your trust by redefining what’s possible in safety and marks a new milestone in Samsung’s smartphone legacy.” 

The Galaxy S8 builds on Samsung’s heritage of creating stunning designs and functional devices. Available in 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 and 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+, the Infinity Display and bezel-less design form a smooth, continuous surface with no buttons or harsh angles. The result is a truly immersive viewing experience without distractions and makes multi-tasking more convenient.

The Galaxy S8 includes an advanced camera for optimal low-light and anti-blur photos. The Galaxy S8 takes vibrant photos even in less-than-ideal photo conditions. With the Auto Filter feature and enhanced multi-frame image processing, users will experience clear and optimized photos.

The front camera offers 8MP F1.7 autofocus with facial recognition technology to ensure photos taken from almost any distance are clear and focused. The Galaxy S8 is equipped with the advanced 12MP F1.7 rear camera. The dual-pixel sensor technology, wide aperture and fast autofocus work together to create sharp and beautiful photos even in low-light environments.

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