Ruto’s hidden hand in compelling IEBC to re-contract the RIGGING NETWORK of OT Morpho, Al Ghurair and Safaricom

JomoChiloba Ruto’s hidden hand in compelling IEBC to re-contract the RIGGING NETWORK of OT Morpho, Al Ghurair and Safaricom

IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba interacts with Jomo Gecaga is the Chief of Staff and personal secretary to acting President Uhuru Kenyatta

DP William Ruto hidden hand is there for all to see in the prerigging goings on within IEBC.

Arap Mashamba received a kickback of USD3million via an agent who acted as local front and who later confessed to NASA that this payment was commissions from the previous contract for supply KIEMS worth Ksh3.6bn.

The KIEMS kickbacks were paid via wire transfers in batches of Ksh20m which arrived each Friday to bank accounts of Katwa Kigen and Company advocates at Trans National Bank City Hall Way branch, in the same building where the law firm also has offices.

This KIEMS deal is where also DP Ruto had his long term associate and JP Chief Agent Davis Chirchir given super admin status in the KIEMS server. As Super admin, Davis Chirchir was exposed as having made numerous unauthorised log-in’s and result alterations during the tallying of the last election. This money was shared with high Ezra Chiloba who is the DP’s inside man.

Together, they regularly hold night meetings at a high end restaurant in Karen, Nairobi the last which happened last week Thursday, the same day Safran Morpho checked into town to sign a supplementary contract. That meeting was also attended by Interior CS Matiangi.

Al Ghurair is represented locally by a Muhoho Kenyatta and Jomo Gecaga both kins of the acting President and through that link, they managed to secure a 2-year overpriced ballot printing contract from IEBC. But DP Ruto has insisted that even if Al-Ghurair are compensated for a revoked contract, they still need Al – Ghurair to print extra ballots,form 34s and result tallying sheets as part of assisting Jubilee execute fraud through the manual result transmission that they are currently advocating via the Election Laws Amendment Bill 2017.

1-10-300x225 Ruto’s hidden hand in compelling IEBC to re-contract the RIGGING NETWORK of OT Morpho, Al Ghurair and SafaricomWhile Safaricom has been quick to enter into a public spat with NASA, it has shown no such reaction as regards a private citizen holding confidential call logs and GPS locations of Supreme Court judges. There is evidence to suggest the firm’s senior management is willing to help Jubilee retain power through poll . Bobby Collymore is a willing participating in Jubilee strategy meetings and that is why Safaricom failed to report the theft of KIEMS kits and also transmitted results to Spain and never returned those results to Kenya.

DP Ruto has his finger prints all over the IEBC and has spent considerable resources in the last four years building a network around winning elections by whatever means and retaining power in preparation for 2022.


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