Rigging Claims in Kisii

NASA Supporters in Kisii are accusing the Provincial administration of colluding with Jubilee operatives to receive ID’s from unsuspecting members of the public in return for favors.
They are alleging that the ongoing IDPs verification process has been used to hoodwink the residents to turn in their ID’s in order to verify if they are genuine integrated Internally Displaced People.

Residents are wondering what’s the reason as to why the government is holding secluded public Baraza’s away from the media limelight purporting to be doing verification process.

WhatsApp-Image-2017-07-19-at-5.21.15-AM-225x300 Rigging Claims in KisiiOne resident asked “where did the genuine IDPs list which was used to compensate them in 2010 whereby each member was given Kshs.10,000 go, so the government did not keep the records or what really happened?” he pondered.

In some instances members of the public have cornered some suspected Jubilee agents and almost lynched them.

It’s now apparent that there’s a lot of voter bribery taking place in various parts of Kisii and Nyamira, the agents have deviced clandestine methods of buying ID’s from the public and also handing out bribes to ensure they win in the populous counties.

A spot check by our correspondents revealed a beehive of activities in various routes and several roads, market centers and junctions, where voters or residents are publicly stopping any vehicle they suspect to be dishing out money for campaigns. Our team was surprised to learn that the residents were openly asking for money and when asked why they were doing that they said that they thought they were Jubilee agents who have been giving them money almost every day of the week.

Our correspondents also got some leads on senior Jubilee politicians who have decided to campaign at night and almost caught up with them but when they had wind that they trialling them they changed their routes and disappeared and later abandoned the secluded meeting which was to take place at an undisclosed location.

The Jubilee bigwigs have dismissed the claims terming the NASA allegations as mere propaganda and smelling defeat and the area is very tense and a few incidents of fights between Jubilee and NASA supporters reported.

The NASA brigade are demanding the exercise to be suspended until the general election is completed and their concern is that all the details and ID’s of the residents who are undergoing through the exercise are taken and are not sure whether the items will be returned to them before the General election day on 8th August, 2017.


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