Rid Judiciary of unqualified staff

The Judiciary is on the spot over the questionable qualifications of some of its staff.

A report by an independent audit indicates that scores of the employees could be holding fake certificates; meaning they are irregularly occupying positions they do not deserve.

This is quite alarming, in fact, criminal, but not surprising.

In recent times, we have witnessed cases of people using fake certificates to practise medicine or secure senior positions in government.

Some politicians fake qualifications and have had to fight court cases to keep their jobs.


Simply, we have a serious credibility test. A well-oiled system has evolved where people forge academic papers and use them to secure jobs through dubious means.

The Judiciary occupies a hallowed position. It is the seat of justice and is associated with integrity.

Citizens and key institutions look upon it for guidance and direction.

Its systems should be beyond reproach. It is unsettling when it is found to host employees with bogus papers.

Commissioning the audit was a move in the right direction; it opened its systems for scrutiny.


The findings must now be made public and action taken on the culprits.

But that could just be the tip of the iceberg. The practice is widespread. The Public Service Commission and Teachers Service Commission also need to follow suit.

They should audit the qualifications of their employees to ensure that only the deserving are on the roll.

Corporates and other private establishments must also do the same.

Part of the problem is the massification of university education.


For nearly two decades, the country witnessed uncontrolled expansion of universities, which has bred all sorts of graduates.

A floodgate was opened and acquisition of degree or other certificates became a matter of the ability to pay.

Add to the emergence fraudsters, who also found loopholes to manufacture and sell certificates and hence the mess.

We must end this cheating culture. This is a wake-up call to employers to conduct audits of their staff and put in place systems for proper recruitments to lock out fraudsters.

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