Rid forest of terrorists

The military operation in Boni Forest in Lamu County in which the Kenya Defence Forces has resumed the bombing of suspected Al-Shabaab targets is a necessary response to a grave threat to our country.

Indeed, this is the most pointed indication that an enemy is on our territory, and it’s the cardinal responsibility of the military to protect the country from external aggression.

Increased terrorist attacks in which people have been killed, others maimed and property destroyed justify the use of all the force available to the KDF.

But as often happens in such operations, some civilians could get hurt.

This is why we urge locals to heed the advice to leave what has become a military operation area.

However, the KDF must go about the job with the meticulousness one would expect from such a highly trained force.


It must minimise civilian suffering, with the eye on destroying the hideouts of the terrorists.

Indeed, we hope that even as the enemy is liquidated, an attempt to seize some of them will be prioritised.

The security forces might just gain useful intelligence to intensify the effort to rid the forest of the foreign invaders.

Our military, which has done a good job inside Somalia to weaken Al-Shabaab, has an opportunity to demonstrate at home that it is up to the task of protecting the country and its people by routing this devious enemy.

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