Revisting AG Githu Muigai Statement, Uhuru May Have Lost Respect Of The Military

By G O

My Anthropology undergraduate degree course had a unit called ‘Communication And Ethics’; other than ‘Primatology’, it was my favorite. In that course, there was a sub-unit called ‘Non-Verbal Communication’. We were taught how to listen and observe the things people don’t say whenever they make public statements. Participant Observation is one method of qualitative data collection.

Attorney General Githu Muigai has just finished addressing the press telling Kenyans that Uhuru Kenyatta is still the all-powerful president controlling all arms of government. He has fallen short of warning those questioning Uhuru’s powers to get back in line.

You do not need to attend a ‘Communications And Ethics’ class for you to know that something is gravely wrong in the top echelons of this government. The speeches Uhuru Kenyatta and his hangers-on have been releasing to the press the past week points to an administration in panic and which has no clue on where to go from here.

If you watched Githu Muigai keenly, he even made reference to Uhuru Kenyatta being the Commander-In-Chief of the Defense Forces, more than three times in his short speech. I do not want to read too much into that panic attack but if the President has lost the respect of our disciplined forces, Kenyans need to know early so that we can start preparing for a military caretaker government.

It was Sun Tzu, the greatest military strategist of all time, who said, and I quote; “Do not confront the enemy in their strength, but seize something they hold dear. Their force is useless here; they must stop and listen.”

Uhuru Kenyatta is running out of resources to keep buying loyalty which is what has kept his contraband legitimacy going since 2013. His strength was in controlling the government’s instruments of power, now all that has been seized by the Supreme Court ruling and he is now useless and must stop and listen. His ego is so fragile right now the only way to regain his mojo is to transform into a crackpot dictator, which neither the constitution nor Kenyans will allow him to.

This is the same predicament all cerellac babies who aren’t used to heavy responsibility go through whenever they lose their lynch-pin status. What you have up there right now is a ceremonial figurehead who cannot hurt a fly, even if the fly was to lick his forehead with a swoosh of sewage paste.

His fans cannot imagine what’s happening to their general right now so they have to keep feeding them with empty reassurances taken from non-existing chapters of the constitution by the Chief Government Legal Advisor who might as well have passed for a nondescript Jubilee lawyer.

Dear, God. If one day I become a sycophant, please do not let my brain leave my body.

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