Moses Kuria, Gatundu South Legislature. A man with slim fast flipping lips that knows not when it utters or spits fire. He knows so well that he will say anything to anyone in the NASA Coalition especially the Coalitions Presidential Candidate but get away with it, he is under the UhuRuto umbrella. The same one that spits hate, disrespect to Kenyans and depicts lawlessness of the Executive.

Recently, the Gatungu South legislature was arrested for yet again, same old, hurling insults and obscenities at the NASA Presidential Candidate Right Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga, a move that the NASA team viewed as one to equalize Johnson Muthama’s arrest. His utterance insinuated ethnic profiling. He is best at it.

In his continued attacks on the NASA Presidential Candidate, Right Hon. Raila Amollo Odinga, days after his arrest, Moses Kuria is at it again. This time stating that if Raila Odinga dares to stop these repeat elections, they will place him under house arrest.

Wait, that’s not the kicker yet. Like his father. That’s a Bombshell there. It’s juicy and mouth watering. For blinds though.

In October 25th 1969 Mzee Jomo Kenyatta visited the then Nyanza Province, in what was viewed as a stage managed confrontation, there was an exchange between Mzee Kenyatta and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga prompting the body guards of Mzee to open fire killing so many civilians inclusive of children who were in attendance to entertain the guests.

This was a trap for Mr. Odinga to be put under house arrest after Government killings in January and July. Arging Kodhek and Tom Mboya were assassinated so for Jaramogi house arrest would work. Dictatorship prevailed then, and to mention this, Moses Kuria is opening a can of warms that not even him, Kuria would dig in.

This is the one bit of the Kenyan Political History that not many know about and when Moses Kuria goes that route, as usual for the keen eyes, when a Jubilee blogger comes out with postings on Social Media, it is a ticking time bomb.

Hours before the late IEBC ICT boss was found dead in Kikuyu, Moses was out guns blazing saying how the “fool” Musando was enjoying with a woman.

He is the mouth piece of all wrongs.

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