Review cash transfer programme for the elderly

The Inua Jamii cash programme  that was initiated by the government with the aim of giving monthly stipends to all the elderly aged 70 and above is a noble idea.

This shows that the government values and is concerned about the senior citizens.

However, the programme needs to be reviewed for varied reasons to make it bear more positive results.

In doing so, the government through the concerned ministry should reduce the age of beneficiaries to 60 years.

Most people from the age of 60 are not energetic and their productivity decreases as they grow older.


Special care with a well balanced diet is of essence to these people as they are more prone to diseases.

The amount awarded as stipend should also be increased in line with the state of the country’s economy.

Indeed, the amount should rise over time to reflect changes in the cost of living.

The other special group that should be involved in this programme is that of inmates, who are serving their sentence and have reached the set age.

They are Kenyans too and if indeed they are involved in elections to vote for leaders of their choice, there is no good reason as to why they should be discriminated against when it comes to what the government offers to its citizens.


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