Researcher roots for immune boosters in war against aids

NAIROBI, KENYA: A visiting Chinese medical researcher says the war against Hiv Aids in Kenya and Africa could be significantly won if those infected were given a combination of both ARVs and certified Chinese herbal medicine.

Professor Tian Shengxun of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China is credited for inventing the Tian Immunity Booster (TIB), which cuts the replication of the HIV virus.

Speaking at his TIB Center located within Nairobi Women Hospital, the clinical researcher explained that use of Chinese herbal medicine mitigates against negative effects of conventional ARVs (ARTFailure) such as high levels of toxicity.

“Adoption of Chinese herbal medicine in the fight against the Aids pandemic would be a game changer globally, but more so in Africa,” explained the don.

Recently Kenyan medical researchers said that they were linking a popular anti-aids drug to kidney and liver damage and called for urgent measures to establish the magnitude of the problem and how to reverse the negative development.

A team from Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital and Moi University School of Medicine, on Friday presented evidence suggesting the drug can cause serious kidney problems in users.

He also said that Tian Immunity Booster is effective in the treatment of tumours and fights of cancers.

“Patients are able to see the results within three months of consistent use of TIB as prescribed by a doctor,” he added.

In validating TIB’s effectiveness researchers from Germany’s Freiburg University confirmed that after numerous tests it was established the immune booster reaches almost 100 per cent inhibited HIV viral replication. “The findings reveals that the fusion taking place between HIV and T cell (CD4 cell) was almost 100 percent blocked, a clear sign that HIV viruses were killed”.

The research also found out that TIB drugs are a combination of wide brand antibiotics and immunity boosters without any side effects and toxicity. This makes it the crucial base of TIBs to fight HIV /Aids in Africa.

Those patients on TIB products can achieve functional cure after around 12 month treatment.
The TIB immune booster is registered in Kenya by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board under the Ministry of Health in Kenya as an approved Chinese herbal medicine.

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