Red Cross urges President Kenyatta to help solve conflict in Baringo

The Kenya Red Cross Society has appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to step in and resolve the conflict in the drought-ravaged county of Baringo.

“This conflict in Baringo County has gone on for far too long. Small children are displaced, separated from their families as we talk here today. This shouldn’t be happening in our beautiful country in this day and age,” KRCS secretary-general Abbas Gullet said.

According to Dr Gullet, Baringo is among 23 counties worst hit by drought and the conflict between the Pokot and Marakwet communities is making humanitarian work difficult.

He was speaking at Nation Centre, Nairobi, where Nation Media Group chief executive officer Joe Muganda donated Sh5 million to the relief agency to aid its efforts in drought-stricken areas.

Mr Muganda pledged to assist the Red Cross in spreading word about the drought.

“The magnitude of the donation in total is Sh5 million, Sh2 million is in cash and Sh3 million is in kind using our services as Red Cross may choose to disseminate information,” Mr Muganda said.

The relief agency has taken a different strategy in reaching out to the people affected by the drought.

In addition to distributing donated food, a direct cash transfer system has been adopted to enable families take care of their needs effectively.

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