Rasanga stage-managed office raid to hide EACC evidence – Midiwo

Jakoyo Midiwo has accused Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga of stage-managing a raid at his office to conceal evidence needed by EACC.

Thieves broke into the county headquarters on July 8 and stole items including computers and TVs.

County secretary David Anyona said files and critical documents were also stolen during the break-in which is still being investigated.

But Midiwo asserted that the theft was executed by insiders out to cover up evidence of corruption and misuse of county funds.

He said it beats logic for the Governor’s office to remain unguarded for several months yet sensitive documents are kept in drawers that remain unlocked.

“It is foolhardy for the Governor to claim that his office was broken into and documents stolen just a few days after EACC sleuths raided the premises.”

The National assembly deputy minority leader said that even though the governor might think he destroyed the evidence, it is still in the public domain.

He added that once investigations on corruptioon issues in Rasanga’s administration kick off, the evidence will be produced to his disappointment.

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Deputy Governor Ouma Onyango distanced himself from the matter saying his office has nothing to be stolen.

“In my office, I have personal items which cannot be of any value to a robber,” said Onyango, who will not vie alongside Rasanga in the election.

Speaking at Sirembe, North Gem ward on Sunday, Midiwo also condemned abusive language by a section of ODM leaders.

He cited Rasanga’s utterances against Nicholas Gumbo; the former told Gumbo, an independent candidate, to blame his mother for marrying a poor man.

“Even people from a poor background can lead people and chart a progressive destiny for them,” MIdiwo said.

He urged residents not to be swayed by handouts into voting for leaders who will not deliver the Siaya dream.

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