Rarieda MP Nicholas Gumbo dismisses Raila’s voter bribery claims

Rarieda MP and Siaya governor candidate Nicholas Gumbo

Rarieda MP and Siaya governor candidate Nicholas Gumbo has denied claims by National Super Alliance flag bearer Raila Odinga that he is dishing out money to entice voters.

Raila on Monday accused Gumbo of using money and other goodies to bribe voters instead of giving them long-term financial projects.

Yesterday, Mr Gumbo, who is campaigning as an independent candidate, said the accusations against him by the Opposition leader would not change his resolve to unseat the ODM nominee, Governor Cornell Rasanga.

Speaking to The Standard on phone, Gumbo, who has teamed up with Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo to campaign against the Orange party, challenged Raila to cite any instance when he bribed voters.

He accused Rasanga of distributing contaminated maize to voters.

“What about the weevil-infested maize the governor is dishing out everywhere? In this business, the pot is always calling the kettle black,” Gumbo said.


Fight against corruption to start from the presidency, Raila Odinga

He also took issue with ODM leaders, who he claimed were spending time at rallies hurling insults at him.

“The meetings were called to push for the presidential campaign for Raila, which I greatly support, but why anyone should choose to abuse me, I still do not understand,” he said.

He questioned why the ODM leaders were not comfortable with his candidature for the county’s top seat.

“I must say I find the ODM leaders’ apparent discomfort with my candidature rather confounding. Raila is the foremost democrat in our country. He is a man who spent his lifetime fighting for the expansion of democratic space in Kenya. Not only do I have respect for him but I support his candidature fully, just like I have done for the past 15 years,” said the MP.

Gumbo also denied claims by the ODM leaders that he was being funded by Jubilee to weaken the Opposition in Raila’s home county of Siaya. [Olivia Odhiambo and Isaiah Gwengi] 


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