Raila’s party dismisses Uhuru’s development website

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NAIROBI, KENYA: ODM has rubbished governments launched website detailing development in key sectors of the economy as ‘cheap propaganda’.

In a statement, the ODM brigade said the portal is a mere public relation website aimed at luring Kenyans to vote back Jubilee for a second term.

“Incompetence is the reason we can no longer afford one more day of a Jubilee government,” reads the statement.

“What the President Uhuru launched yesterday is yet another Public Relation website to list down projects of the Jubilee regime. This is in addition to three more websites (,, that he has launched in the past four years.”

“Do we need another PR Portal that more than 70 percent of Kenyans cannot access for us to understand the impact of this government’s incompetence? There is more evidence in our pockets daily and in our homes,” the statement said.


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The Raila Odinga party noted that in 2013, Jubilee based on its manifesto promised to put food and clean water on every Kenyan table, ensure that every child in Kenya gets quality education, create wealth and ensure that every Kenyan gets quality and affordable healthcare.

However the party claims that Kenyans have witnessed the opposite with prices of Unga skyrocketing to Sh160 from Sh 75, price of milk jumping from Sh 32 to more than Sh60 and price of Sugar moving to Sh140 from Sh98 per kg.

They also said recent strikes by doctors, and lecturers does not match what the government highlights as its achievements.

On Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy launched unveiled a 12-point record of achievements they hope will persuade voters to re-elect them.

The two on Monday sought to re-ignite the sparkle of the glitzy digital campaign that swept them to power in 2013 by unveiling an electronic platform detailing developments in key sectors.

It is meant to make a fresh pitch for a second term in office. They used comparative statistical data sprinkled with doses of political rhetoric to push back the narrative that the Jubilee administration had burdened Kenyans with soaring debt, rising cost of living, and runaway corruption.


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