Raila urges Kenyans to vote him in as president in 2017

ODM leader Raila Odinga said he is ready to face off with Jubilee’s candidate in 2017 elections and kick the party out of power.

Mr Odinga, who was presented with a spear, a shield, belt and hat after he was installed as a Luo warrior at the Got Ramogi Hills in Siaya County on Saturday, said he is confident of defeating the “corrupt Jubilee administration and deliver Kenyans from bondage”.

Mr Odinga called on Kenyans to rally behind him in the next polls and register as voters.

“Kenyans should support me in 2017 to deliver them from bondage,” he said.

The Cord co-principal was crowned by Willis Otondi, the council’s chairman and his secretary-general Owino Nyadi.

Hundreds of residents witnessed the ceremony.

The elders said that the move is aimed at preparing Mr Odinga for the battle.

“Our warrior is headed to a fight. This is a ritual. We are dedicating him in the hands of God. We pray that he is given what he has been looking for for years,” Mr Nyadi said.

Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga said they are sure that Mr Odinga will be president in 2017.

Mr Otondi said that the ceremony was a sign that the community had entrusted him.

He called on the community to remain united to ensure that Mr Odinga becomes the fifth president of Kenya.

“Elders have camped in this place since last night awaiting for this special day. We want to ensure that Raila leads the entire community and the country out of bondage in 2017. We hope that God will answer our prayers,” he said.

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