BOMBSHELL: Raila Statement That Has Exposed Jubilee And Njoki Ndung’u Badly, Uhuru Enjoying Proceeds Of Crime

Raila Odinga

Ever since the Supreme Court declared Uhuru’s Kenyatta’s so-called victory in the August polls as invalid, null and void, Uhuru has been on an ill-informed and extremely unfortunate war path with Kenya.

This has intensified in the last two days since the Supreme Court delivered its detailed ruling on the presidential elections.

Uhuru Kenyatta has since accused judges of staging a coup against him. He has called the judges all sorts of names and openly sided with those calling for the sacking of the judges. Uhuru has personally promised to fix the Judiciary because, in his view, there is a problem there.

The problem he is referring to is the fact that the courts noticed the fraud in his so-called win and declared it invalid, null and void.
Uhuru has since gone berserk. Like a cornered bloody-minded boxer, he is swaying on his feet, rocking the country and its institutions sudden flurry of desperate punches—but with the Judiciary as his prime target and the fear of facing opponents in free and fair contest his main reason for the rage.

The sum total of these moves is that Uhuru Kenyatta is determined to hang on to his tarnished presidential title for as long as he can, no matter the cost and the consequences for the nation.
We have watched Uhuru perform these acts for some time now and remained silent in the hope that he will sober up, mature and see the need to stop.

We realize he won’t and so today, we are here to tell Uhuru Kenyatta that we will not allow him drag Kenya down the path he is hell-bent on taking.
The signs are clear. Uhuru is putting Kenya on the same path that Yaya Jameh put Gambia, Laurent Gbagbo put Ivory Coast and Blaise Compaore put Burkina Faso. He is seeking to cling to power by touting fake number obtained through fraud and forgeries and a non-existent people’s mandate.

If Uhuru will not stop, if he will not respect the constitution and particularly the independent Judiciary that Kenyans fought so hard to bring to fruition, Kenyans are prepared to stop him.
A president cannot be a product of forgery and fraud. It should be in Uhuru’s interest to support free, fair and credible elections to remove the cloud of illegitimacy that hangs over his leadership.

The audit ordered by the Supreme Court disclosed that up to 80 constituencies had problems with results. The problems ranged from forms lacking water mark security features, to no serial numbers, photocopies being used instead of originals and forms not signed by all agents as required by law. The fraudulent forms were used to award Uhuru votes.

Uhuru and Ruto call these anomalies as mere processes.
The truth is that these anomalies had the net effect of having up to 5 million votes being interfered with, a majority being fraudulently given to Uhuru Kenyatta. It is on that fraud that he is basing his claim to victory and accusing the Judiciary of staging a coup against him.

If the ruling by the Supreme Court was a coup, it could only be a counter-coup to stop the first one that was staged by a man who does not believe in free, fair, credible and transparent elections.

Uhuru must clear his name of the web of deceit, criminalities and irregularities hanging over him.
Has Uhuru cared to ask the whereabouts of the prescribed forms that were meant for the constituencies where forgeries and photocopies of election document were used? Were these forms thrown away just to help Uhuru make a fraudulent claim to victory?

Does it bother Uhuru that laws and procedures were twisted to help him arrive at a victory that never was? Does it prick his conscience?
What kind of a president would not care that the electoral body whose fraudulent declaration he is hanging onto refused to obey the orders of the highest court in the land to open its servers for scrutiny to confirm the so-called victory? Does it bother Uhuru Kenyatta that his agent at the Bomas of Kenya National Tallying Centre logged into the IEBC servers using a personal email account “[email protected]”contrary to the IEBC’s own ICT User Policy?

As he threatens and insults the judges, has Uhuru Kenyatta ever cared to ask Davis Chirchir, his agent at Bomas, why he logged into IEBC servers?
Does it bother Uhuru Kenyatta that the accounts of one [email protected] which was supposed to have read-only privileges on the system was used to delete files (forms 34A and B) from the IEBC server to give him the so-called victory?

Does it bother Uhuru Kenyatta that Mr. Chris Msando had to be killed for the so-called victory to be delivered and that his government declined offer of help in the so-called investigations into the assassination?

In all his ranting, rage and fury, Uhuru has never addressed the question of illegalities and irregularities that the courts found the IEBC to have committed.
That silence can only mean that the irregularities and illegalities were designed and committed to benefit him and they did.

Uhuru has never seen the need to speak on the need for free, fair and credible elections. He wants Kenyans to proceed to another fraudulent election as long as it is designed to give him victory.
Uhuru Kenyatta wants the ballot boxes to be opened as argued by judges he briefed on what to write.

But he has never seen the need to press the IEBC to open its servers as had been decreed by the courts.
Uhuru wants the ballot boxes, not the servers opened because the ballot boxes guarantee a confirmation of his fraudulent win. The boxes guarantee his fraudulent win because they are stuffed with the two million extra ballot papers that were printed by Al Ghurair and whose whereabouts have never been explained.

Talking of the ruling by the so-called dissenting judges, we challenge Uhuru Kenyatta to deny that one of the dissenting judges spent all Saturday at State House at his invitation in a celebration of the dissenting ruling ahead of its delivery.

Uhuru must know that the Supreme Court he is busy denigrating is the product of a constitution that Kenyans paid for with their lives.
Uhuru’s contribution to that struggle is zero. He must stop imagining that the Constitution and the institutions that came with it were merely meant to coronate him to the presidency and sanitize his fraud.

NASA will stand with every institution that is discharging legitimate mandate and with all State officers including judges who are performing their duties without fear or favour and in line with the Constitution.

All along, Uhuru has stood for nothing in Kenya except for himself, family and close friends in disorienting our country. He is now becoming a disaster-prone tragic character lurching from one fit of bad temper to the next just because he thinks the presidency is his birthright.

We want to remind Uhuru that this country has travelled to far to turn back. Uhuru Kenyatta has been caught in the act as a product of a crime and he is enjoying proceeds of crime.

NASA remains ready for a contest with Uhuru but only when the irreducible minimums we have put out are met. With every passing day, it is getting clear that the conditions will not be met and so there will be no elections. We will not allow Uhuru to take the country down the path of failed nations


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