SEPTEMBER 25, 2017.


Yesterday, we indicated that we are in the process of putting together information linking local telecommunication firms, particularly Safaricom and Telkom Kenya, in collaboration with Safran to deliberately manipulate Kenyan elections and deliver a fraudulent victory to Jubilee and Uhuru Kenyatta.

We also said we are on the trail of local owners of Safran and the firms that printed fake result declaration forms and ballot papers along Mombasa Road that equally led to the fraudulent declaration of Uhuru Kenyatta as winner.

Those individuals and institutions not only messed up and stole elections. They also received bribes and are solely responsible for the state of limbo our country finds itself in today and which Uhuru Kenyatta and his party are now blaming Supreme Court judges for.
Today, we are exposing Safaricom’s link in this conspiracy alongside Safran. But we are also here to prove that IEBC has not resolved the internal contradictions that that emerged in the conduct of last elections and is not ready for another any time soon. Contrary to claims by Deputy President William Ruto the IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba had responded adequately to the myriad issues raised by Mr. Chebukati, he, in fact, has not. Chiloba’s response appears to have raised more questions than answers at the IEBC.

First, the IEBC conspiracy.

It is a matter of public record that Safaricom was contracted by the IEBC to transmit election results from the KIEMS kits at the polling stations to the IEBC servers. All this data was to be conveyed via Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to ensure that there was no tampering of the results before reaching the servers.

Safaricom was thus contracted to provide two exclusive VPNs for this purpose. It has since come to our knowledge that one of these VPNs terminated at a cloud server registered in Spain but operated from France under the control of OT Morpho. We have the IP addresses and have traced them And the second VPN, was to originate from Safaricom and terminate at the local IEBC server. Both VPNs were fully paid for by the IEBC. However, the VPN from Safaricom terminating locally was never set up.

Consequently, results from the polling station KIEMS kits were leaving the country but never found their way back to IEBC. None of the kits under Safaricom’s network ever got their results onto the IEBC’s public web portal. Furthermore, when purported results started streaming onto the portal without accompanying forms 34A/B, Safaricom’s senior management knew that these results did not come from the KIEMS kits. Why did Safaricom not alert the authorities that there was an illegal activity taking place?

Moreover, between July 25th and July 27th, the period immediately prior to the disappearance of Acting IEBC ICT Director, Chris Msando, some 100 KIEMS kits were stolen from the IEBC. This information was shared with Safaricom. We want Safaricom to tell the country what he did about this development.
We are particularly keen to know why the same stolen KIEMS kits were allowed to continue operating on the Safaricom network even the company’s management knew those kits were not under the control of the IEBC.

Was the management of Safaricom aware that the IEBC had not reported this alleged theft of hundreds of KIEMS kits to the authorities?

Did the management of Safaricom themselves report this theft to the authorities?

Did the management of Safaricom report the various illegal activities of these KIEMS kits during the election to the authorities?

Safaricom must come clean on their role in the conspiracy with Safran and Morpho to the steal the elections of August 8th.

The following individuals had intimate knowledge of this conspiracy and either actively participated or concealed the same:
1. Mr. Thibaud Rerolle (French National, Director Technical and I.T, Safaricom)
2. Mr. Anthony Gacanja (Head of Technology Security, Safaricom)
3. Mr. Shaka Kwach (Head of Special Projects – in charge of Elections, Safaricom)
4. Mr. Robert Mutai (Head of Technology Strategy, Assurance and Governance, Safaricom)
5. Mr. Farouk Gaffour (Head of Network and Service Operations, Safaricom)
6. Mr. Andrew Masila (Senior Manager, Strategy and Architecture, Safaricom)

We invite the Director of Public Prosecutions to immediately commence investigations with a view to the arrest and criminal prosecution of the above named under the Cyber Crimes Act. The time has come to conclusively deal with all those entrusted with responsibility and would seek to profit from the stealing of elections.

These findings add to a pattern emerging out of the IEBC that the institution is neither ready for elections nor reading from the same script as has been conveyed in recent days.

A memo in our possession, and which is already in public domain, directed to Mr Chiloba after a recent one indicate that Mr Chiloba is yet to come clean on the conspiracy that saw presidential results nullified by the Supreme Court.

After the memo of last August, Mr Chebukati’s new memo states that Mr Chiloba’s response does not explain why a significant number of polling stations sent text results without image of the result forms.

Further according to the new memo, Mr Chiloba is yet to explain how Mr. Chebukati’s details were used to delete files in the IEBC server despite express provision that Deletion by the chairperson/ NRO is completely prohibited.
Mr Chebukati is clear in his memo that as the National Returning officer, he was to have “read only access of designated shared folders.
Mr Chiloba is also yet to explain why a server that was meant for day to day operations by the staff was used for the official and critical purpose of transmitting form 34B.

The sum total of these developments is that the messing up of Kenyan elections were deliberate acts of conspiracy and omission and commission that are yet to be resolved even within the organistaion itself.

The conspiracy involved individuals at IEBC, Safaricom and Safran/ OT-Morpho.

It reinforces our position that elections must not be held in Kenya until a thorough clean-up is undertaken at the IEBC, the Safran/ Morpho must not participate in that election in whichever capacity and, finally, local telecommunication firms that participated in this election must come clean.

It is one more reason why Kenyans must now take charge of their destiny and clean up the IEBC starting tomorrow. It is clear we are dealing with a massive conspiracy. We therefore maintain our invitation to all Kenyans of goodwill to gather at Anniversary Towers tomorrow so we begin the clean-up.

Hon Raila Odinga
Hon Kalonzo Musyoka
Hon Kalonzo Musyoka
Sen. Moses Wetangula

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