Raila sings favourite ‘Jamaica Farewell’ on TV, says vitendawili come naturally

Raila Odinga put his charm on display on Friday night when he sang ‘Jamaica Farewell’ during an interview KTN anchor Betty Kyallo.

The NASA chief said he has always loved the song by Harry Belafonte.

Down the way where the nights are gay and the sun shines daily on the mountain top, I took a trip on a sailing ship and when I reached Jamaica I made a stop. But I am sad to say I’m on my way, won’t be back for many a day, my heart is down, my head turning around, I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town,” he sang.

Raila explained that when he married Ida, they were to honeymoon in Jamaica but did not have enough money.

“Ida is a geographer and she came to love the Caribbean while I loved Belafonte who is my favourite musician,” he said.

“So when we got married we wanted to go to Jamaica but we did not have money so we agreed that we would go one day.”

Raila said they were able to visit after their children became adults but that they went as a family.

“We went after our children were grown up…we finally went to Jamaica… went to Belafonte’s house..a school where Usain Bolt started running, Bob Marley’s home and other areas. We really enjoyed it.”

Regarding campaigns, Raila said his family has always been supportive.

“My family is understanding and they know I am more required outside than inside…we have breakfast together then we plan our family has been very understanding..”

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Raila, who likes using proverbs in public addresses, said he does not have to prepare for any of them.

“These things comes naturally. While growing up I listened to elders so I know that in Africa people used to talk in riddles,” he said.

The Opposition leader told Kyalo he uses proverbs to bring his messages home. He said the sayings come to him almost immediately while he analyses situations.

“You look at real life situations then see what proverb you can use. It also depends on the subject you are addressing,” he said.

On the Jubilee government, he said: “The night runners who went out jogging then fell tired, then the night runner said the night was still young and wanted to rest…then he slept and the sun came up.

“This is Jubilee. For four and half years they were sleeping then they saw August 8 nearing, and now they are rushing to launch projects.”

Kenyans are preparing to elect a president, MPs, governors, senators, woman reps, and ward representatives.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is seeking a second five-year term while Raila is determined to succeed him in his fourth attempt to rule.

Campaigns have gained momentum with Jubilee and NASA leaders attempting to convince the electorate they are the best.

Uhuru has dismissed the NASA flag bearer as one who only knows how to quote vitendawili and a leader without a vision for Kenya.

But Raila has insisted he has a plan and has even made promises to help single mothers through a special fund and cheap housing.

HIs other pledges are ending corruption, increasing fund allocations to counties and securing the country.

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