Raila pokes holes in President Uhuru’s scorecard

ODM leaders criticize Uhuru on the launch of the National Government Public Information Portal.Photo by Edward Kiplimo.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has dismissed the Government’s new website detailing development in key sectors of the economy.

Raila, in his nine-point topics, downplayed the achievements of the President Uhuru Kenyatta-led administration on its delivery portal launched on Monday, calling it “a tale of lies that don’t add up”.

He said the portal has lied about infrastructure, health, ease of doing business, national security, food security, energy, the Eurobond scandal, land, and social inclusion.

On infrastructure, the NASA leader said there has been a number of inconsistencies with the figures given by President Kenyatta.

He said the President’s 2016 State of the Nation address indicated that the Jubilee administration had built 3,000kms of road while this year’s address had the number at 1,950kms.

According to Raila, the Budget speech read a few weeks ago had the roads done at 1,500km while during the State of the Nation address, the President claimed that 7,000kms of roads were under construction.


President Uhuru honours Mwilu Mbete and Mama Sarah Obama


President Uhuru honours Mwilu Mbete and Mama Sarah Obama


The most recent data published by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics in the annual Economic Survey show that in 2014 and 2015, the length of tarmacked trunk roads (class A,B,C) increased by only 300kms from 7,900kms in 2013 to 8,200kms in 2015, which translates to completion rate of 150kms of roads a year.

“The Jubilee administration unveiled another layer on top of the State of the Nation Address, the State House Summits, and the Budget speech to try and convince doubting Kenyans that it has a record worthy of re-election. Jubilee’s tale in this critical area has never ever added up,” said Raila.

He said the story of households connected to electricity is marked by the same confusion and contradictions being peddled about roads.

While President’s figure of households connected to the national grid stood at 2.9 million, Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich gave it as 3.7 million. His Energy counterpart, Charles Keter, put it at 5.5 million, while the Deputy Chief of Staff, Nzioki Waita, said it is 5.8 million.

“It is worth pointing out that the 5.8 million figure corresponds to the total number of Kenya Power customers, not households customers, as claimed by Mr Waita.

“Customers include business premises and institutions, not just homes. Kenya Power staff has been inflating the figure to conform to the Jubilee administration’s targets,” he said.

On the Eurobond, Raila noted that one of the reasons the Eurobond scandal has refused to go away is the inability to show the projects that were financed with the money.

“We have maintained that it is not practically possible to absorb that amount of additional money in development projects within a financial year.”


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