Raila Odinga ‘wants polls postponed’, Uhuruto claims

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto address Murang’a residents.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto address Murang’a residents.

The Opposition has hatched a plot to have the August 8 General Election postponed, Jubilee leaders have claimed.

In a message delivered in Nyeri, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto said the plot by the Opposition aimed to engineer a power-sharing deal similar to that of 2008.

They claimed a case challenging the award of a tender to supply ballot papers filed by National Super Alliance (NASA) was an indicator that the Opposition was not ready for elections and was determined to have them postponed.

Insisting the election should proceed as scheduled, President Kenyatta said if the Opposition was not prepared for the polls, they should just concede defeat.

“If he (NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga) is not prepared for elections, he should be ready to go home and retire and let us continue with our mandate. Kenyans should be allowed to exercise their mandate on August 8,” the Head of State said.


Raila: We’ll deploy five agents per station to shield votes


Raila: We’ll deploy five agents per station to shield votes

The President, who was on a tour of Nyeri County, said he was aware of a ploy by the Opposition to create a crisis ahead of the August election.

“The Opposition leaders are hoping that we can share power with them like they did in 2007, but we will not let that happen. We need to have a decisive win this election,” Uhuru told Nyeri residents.

Rallying his supporters to come out in large numbers during the election, the President said it was the only way Jubilee would get a decisive win.

“The Opposition leaders can already sense defeat and that is why they are moving to court over the ballot papers tender,” Mr Ruto fired, adding that Kenyans were ready for the elections.

Uhuru accused Raila of engaging in divisive politics.

“We as Jubilee want a peaceful election but recent remarks by the Opposition leader in Kajiado County were aimed at dividing Kenyans along tribal lines,” he said.

He insisted Kenyans had a right to live anywhere in the country without fear or intimidation.

“Each of the NASA leaders have been in Government at one time or another and they were unable to deliver any tangible results, yet Jubilee was able to deliver in just five years,” Ruto said.

He said since NASA leaders were not ready for the elections they should wait until 2022 to  face off with him.

“They say they do not have a problem with President Uhuru, they have vendetta against me. I suggest that you give him a second term and then we can meet in 2022,” he said.

Faced resistance

During the campaign in Mathira, Kieni and Nyeri town constituencies, both independent candidates and Jubilee nominees were not given a chance to address the crowds. Voters were, however, urged to vote in Jubilee candidates in all positions.

In Karatina town, Uhuru however faced resistance after a group of youths climbed onto a lamppost and waved posters of independent candidates at him.

He chuckled and said: “I get the message, vote for me but vote for the leaders you want and that I can work with.”


Ignoring signs of war is what causes one

At Mweiga and Chaka markets, the Head of State said the construction of a 20km road connecting both towns would open up the constituency and improve the economy of the county.

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