Raila Odinga promises medical workers better salaries

Raila Odinga photo:courtesy

The Government will hire more medical workers and pay them promptly to avoid the frequent strikes being witnessed across the country if Raila Odinga is elected President.

It will also use a percentage of funds from the Fuel Levy kitty to enable the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to provide free evacuation and emergency treatment services for all accident victims and to establish trauma centres in all the 47 counties.

The Opposition, in its manifesto released, also promises to establish a national kidney donation programme under NHIF that will facilitate donation of kidneys from willing donors under free and lifelong NHIF cover to help save the lives of many Kenyans dying as a result of kidney-related ailments.  

Currently, Kenyans seeking kidney transplants have to travel overseas to undergo the expensive procedures.

Besides promising health workers better pay, the Opposition, in the document unveiled at the Racecourse grounds in Nairobi, also promised them a better working environment.

The Opposition said the country was losing many qualified medics to the global market, which offers attractive pay packages.


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This has led to an exodus of doctors seeking greener pastures, leaving the country suffering from a shortage of highly skilled medical workers.

Despite the Constitution entrenching the right to the highest attainable standard of health, Kenya’s healthcare system still falls short of universal health coverage.

In the manifesto, NASA promises in the first 100 days in office, it will formulate a coherent devolution policy on health to govern the relationship between national and county governments.

It will collaborate with the Council of Governors to provide a road map for honest tripartite engagement aimed at resolving industrial disputes.

Currently, the two levels of Government have been at loggerheads, especially over remuneration of health workers and equipping of hospitals.

It will also establish a Medical Research Fund (2 per cent of the health budget) for health professionals to promote research for professional development.

The NASA government will also, in liaison with governors, employ more doctors and nurses to achieve the target of 1:6,000 doctor patient ratio in ten years.


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