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Raila Odinga is the Joshua for Kenya- Declare Nasa Team

The Nasa Coalition in the Diaspora can’t hide their joy as they learnt that Raila Odinga was declared the NASA flag bearer. Led by their Chairman Mr. John Makori and their Organizing Secretary Miss Nilla, they are very confident that Raila Odinga will beat President Kenyatta hands down come August 8, 2017.

During an interview at a local TV news room they warned the Jubilee brigade for a bruising battle which they’ve said will be  tedious and treacherous but they quite certain this time around they’ve smelled victory.

The Organizing secretary told off the Jubilee brigade for laughing off NASA for choosing Raila which they term as a weak candidate but she was very categorical and said  that “an opposing team cannot tell them which player to include in a football match to face them.”

“That is a reserve for their Manager” she concluded.

They are continuing to call upon all Kenyans from different walks of life to come out in large numbers and choose ‘Joshua’ Raila Odinga so that he can lead them to Canaan on August 8,2017.

During their previous interview which was watched by thousands of Kenyans, and received mixed reactions across the globe, they still stand by their previous stand and no one should intimidate them because they mean good for Kenya and will embrace positive criticism and dialogue to ensure Kenya stands strong even after the elections.

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