BREAKING: Raila “EVICT Chiloba and 11 Other Criminals it is time for Kenyans To Rise Up

Since the Supreme Court declared that the Presidential election was not conducted in accordance with the Constitution, that Uhuru Kenyatta was not validly declared President and Uhuru’s purported win was invalid, null and void, only two developments have occurred at the IEBC.
First, Chairman Wafula Chebukati raised more questions with the CEO of the Commission Mr. Ezra Chiloba. Then the officials proceeded to a retreat and declared unity and readiness to conduct another election.

Otherwise, all the individuals and institutions that perpetrated the illegalities and irregularities remain in place, claiming readiness to conduct another election.

The French firms Saffran and Morpho that supplied the kits for the failed elections after being single-sourced now claims to have audited itself away from the eyes of the complainants and the Kenyan public and given itself a clean bill of health.
As it declares itself clean and ready for another election, the IEBC’s own ftp (file transfer protocol) server logs show over 3,500 attempts to penetrate the system by unauthorized users prior to the election.

The IEBC’s own server logs demonstrate an unauthorized user using a personal email account “[email protected]” to access the server contrary to the IEBC’s own ICT User Policy.

Saffran seconded staff to assist the IEBC here in Nairobi with full access to the system. What did those staff do when they noticed this violation? Either they did nothing or aided the illegality.

Rogue users aside, did Safran take note of rogue activities by “authorized” users? For example, the user [email protected] was supposed to have read-only privileges on the system as a national user. Why could his profile delete files (forms 34A and B) from the ftp server? Who granted these privileges and what did Safran do when they noted this violation? Either they did nothing or aided the violation.

Saffran’s complicity in this fraud extends beyond just hacking but to willfully allowing gross violations of the IEBC ICT User Policy.
Does Saffran deny that only two out of 40,883 KIEMS kits transmitted data for the entire election? This is also in the IEBC logs.
As a professional firm in the business of conducting elections, aren’t they culpable if they stand by as their system is grossly abused with their full knowledge and input?

Yet as things stand today, the firms are preparing for business as usual in a fresh election.
Another single-sourced firm, Al Ghurair Printing & Publishing, whose track record of supplying ballot papers in nearly all elections in Africa where the will of the people has been manipulated and overthrown, is on standby again, ready to print ballot papers.

When IEBC chairman raised questions with Mr Chiloba, including why his (Chebukati’s) account was created and used to undertake 9,934 transactions in the IEBC server without his knowledge and consent, why 595 polling stations failed to send any presidential results, while 682 polling stations had identical numbers of rejected votes, we heard from Deputy President that Chiloba had answered. Neither NASA nor the Kenyan public knows that Chiloba had responded. Only Jubilee knows.

This is disturbing but easy to understand. IEBC and Jubilee are partners in crime. The two need each other. If Jubilee is in power, it will protect the co-conspirators and fraudsters in IEBC. Those IEBC officials have every reason to protect Jubilee as their only source of protection.

The murder of Chris Msando who was IEBC IT Director is a cold-hearted crime that goes very high up. IEBC and Jubilee are partners in this murder.

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The question that follows naturally is: Why should Kenyans trust these individuals and institutions with another election? Is it because the IEBC officials went on a retreat and buried the hatchet? Is it because Safran supposedly conducted an audit and declared itself clean? Is it because Ezra Chiloba provided the answers and handed them over to William Ruto? Is it because Al Ghurair has now committed to transparent engagement with the people of Kenya?

Are we counting on the very institutions and individuals who participated in a coup against the people of Kenya and tried to install a defeated candidate as winner to ensure an accountable counting, tallying, transmission and transparency of results? Our answer is No.
IEBC as currently constituted together with the institutions that conducted the August elections cannot conduct a free and fair election in October. It is not in their interest to do so.

And so today, we launch our campaign against any elections held by IEBC as currently constituted. We shall go around the country sensitising people about our case against elections by IEBC.

We shall sensitise our people about the reforms that must take place before they can be called to another election.
As the opposition, we have instituted reforms to the election process before. We shall do it again. That is our focus and our goal. Because we instituted the use of technology in our elections, we were able to catch the thieves and fraudsters this time.

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That made Kenya the first country in Africa and 4th in the world to have a presidential election declared invalid, null and void due to illegalities and irregularities in the electoral process.

We are the people who will end electoral fraud in Africa. We will be the team that will uproot the evil of sham elections with a pre-determined outcome. That is our focus in October and beyond, not another sham election.

We are alive to the fact that institutions can’t reform when they are led by people opposed to reforms.
And so we restate: Officers who facilitated the display of figures purporting them to be results but which at the Supreme Court hearing were disowned by the Commission as mere statistics must get out of the way. That is where is reform at IEBC will begin.
1. Abdi Guliye.
2. Molu Boya
3. Ezra Chiloba
4. Marijan Hussein Marijan.
5. Betty Nyabuto
6. James Muhati.
7. Immaculate Kassait.
8. Praxedes Tororey
9. Moses Kipkogey
10. Sidney Namulungu- in charge of Kisii County where fake Forms were used to declare results
11. Nancy Kariuki- in charge of Mombasa County where fake Forms were used to declare results.
12. Silas Rotich- in charge of Nakuru County where fake Forms were used to declare results.

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Kenyans are coming for you. Salvage what you can and run.
There will be no election with you in office.

President Raila Odinga
Deputy President Kalonzo Musyoka
Hon Musalia Mudavadi
Sen. Moses Wetangula
September 17, 2017


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