Raila Drops Bombshell of How Uhuru Regime Administered Vaccinations Aimed At Sterilizaton of Women

Kenyans will recall that in late 2014 and early 2015, the Catholic Church mounted a strong but lonely campaign against the mass tetanus vaccination in the country and raised concerns about the safety of the vaccine that was being used.

The Church’s position was informed by what had happened in Mexico, Nicaragua and Philippines where the various governments together with WHO/UNICEF had conducted similar campaigns using tetanus toxoid impregnated with beta human chorionic gonadotropin (BhCG) that causes permanent infertility among girls and women. The government of Kenya proceeded with the programme without providing any proof that the Church was wrong.

In recent days some concerned Kenyans have approached us with analysis of samples that were used in this exercise which we proceeded to cross check with other experts.

Today, we can confirm to the country that the Catholic Church was right. Hundreds of thousands of our girls and women aged between 14 and 49 from the fastest growing populations in the country will not have children because of the State sponsored sterilization that was sold to the country as tetanus vaccination.

We have accessed analysis from four highly regarded institutions; agriQ Quest Ltd, the Nairobi Hospital Laboratories, the University of Nairobi and Lancet Kenya.

These results all indicate that the Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine had high contents of beta human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (BhCG) that causes sterility in women.

The government, for some mysterious reason, was hell bent on misleading the country while intentionally sterilizing Kenyan girls and women.

The Catholic Church had the vaccines tested at Lancet, the University of Nairobi and the Nairobi Hospital. The Ministry of Health immediately disputed the results and these institutions appeared to back down from their findings, apparently under pressure from the Government.

The matter was then referred to the parliamentary committee on health which directed that a joint committee be formed bringing together representatives of the Church and the State to test the vaccines.

It is this joint committee that appointed agriQ Quest on 10th December 2014 to conduct the test. The Pharmacy and Poisons Board, apparently keen to circumvent the process in favour of the government, wrote to the Lab asking them to restrict themselves to determining the presence and quantity of beta HCG in each vial.

AgriQ Quest established the presence of BHCG to the tune of


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