Raila calls for peace and large voter turnout

Raila calls for peace and large voter turn out in tomorrow’s poll

He accuse Jubilee government of trying to sabotage his systems

National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate Raila Odinga has urged Kenyans to turn up in large numbers and cast their votes tomorrow.

Raila also urged his supporters go back to their homes after voting and wait for the counting of the votes.

“My appeal to Kenyans is to turn out in large numbers and vote peacefully. This is a contest of the ballot only. Go home and come back in the evening, when they close the polling stations, and wait for the counting,” he said.

“Kenyans showed maturity in democracy. It has been a very peaceful campaign although there were some underhand methods by our competitors,” he added.

He also maintained his confidence in winning the election.

“We still have 32 hours before the counting, then the counting and announcement of the results. That is another 48 hours of waiting,” Raila said at The Hub in Karen yesterday, during a day out with his grandchildren.

Running scared


Questions over daring raid at NASA offices

He accused the Jubilee government of running scared and trying to sabotage his systems.

“Notice the underhand method by our competitors, who are acting scared and storming our tallying centre,” he pointed out.

NASA has claimed police raided its offices in Nairobi, took away computers and destroyed servers, but police have refuted the claims and said the alliance was yet to report the incident at any police station.

Raila spent a relaxed afternoon after a marathon of campaigns that ended at midnight on Saturday.

He said his day yesterday began with prayers and meditation with various pastors.

“I have come to The Hub with my grandchildren to play and buy them burgers and ice cream and whatever else they would like,” he said.


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