Raila Finally makes his Big Announcement [Full Details]

Raila makes final statement on fresh presidential election

NASA leader Raila Odinga (Twitter)

NASA principal Raila Odinga on Wednesday finally made his big announcement just hours to the fresh presidential election. (First Sentence in Bold)

Speaking at Uhuru Park, Mr Odinga told his supporters not to participate in the sham elections. He added that NASA followers should instead convince their friends and family to also not participate in the polls

The Former Prime Minister directed NASA supporters to hold vigilant prayers away from polling stations or simply stay at home on Thursday.

He insisted that the fresh polls were already rigged and simple PR stunt for President Uhuru Kenyatta and deputy William Ruto.

“Kenya’s repeat polls on 26th October is a PR exercise by Jubilee. It is an opinion poll. It is a contest between Uhuru and Kenyatta,” he siad.

RaoK Raila Finally makes his Big Announcement [Full Details]
NASA leader Raila Odinga (Facebook)

Mr Odinga highlighted that the NASA Coalition will now transform to a resistance movement that will among other things push for a free and credible election to be organised within 90 days.

“From tomorrow, things will be different. Nasa will be transformed. It will be a national resistance movement,” he said.

The NASA leader hinted at calling his supporters to boycott goods and services from certain companies which he did not disclose at the rally.

He further asked his followers to seek peace as they boycott the elections and not enter into fights with those who are willing to vote.

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