Quest For Electoral Reforms In Kenya Will Triumph

By Jacktone Ambuka Mjumbe

Quest For Electoral Reforms In Kenya Will Triumph.

Those who enjoy status quo always resist reforms out of fear of losing personal benefits. But if reformation history is any indicator, it’s hard to resist an idea whose time has come.

The Catholic church resisted ecclesiastical reforms but Martin Luther succeeded in instituting change. United States resisted emancipation of slaves but time and space allowed freedom to ring.

British empire defended colonialism but natives fought tooth and nail. In the end, colonialism collapsed.

Back home, Moi rejected reforms. He arbitrarily arrested and detained individuals who advocated for political and ideological pluralism.

Him too, couldn’t contain an idea whose time had come. He caved in under new reforms that led to promulgation of one of the most progressive constitutions in modern democracies.

Listen: Uhuru Kenyatta may resist reforms at IEBC. Ruto may sound belligerent against Kenyans who are demanding for electoral reforms.

Ultimately, an idea whose time has come will triumph. IEBC will be reformed before election. We will bring an end to electoral fraud.


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