Publishers propose ways to curb piracy

Book publishers have decried the high cases of piracy, which deny them profits and also rob the State of much needed revenue.

The publishers have recommended that as a step towards eradicating piracy, the Ministry of Education should ensure that every purchase of books by schools not only has a purchase receipt, but also an ETR receipt, according to the law.

They also want the State Law Office and the Cabinet to hasten the processing of the copyright Bill with a view of enacting it into law as soon as possible to increase the legal penalties for copyright infringement.

Speaking at the Kenya Copyright Board (Kecobo) offices in Nairobi on Friday, Mr David Waweru, the chairman of Kenya Publishers Association, said schools and readers should also be vigilant on being duped into purchasing illegal copies.

“Legitimate book sellers should also ensure that they source books from publishers and other legal suppliers, and that ETR receipts are issued for every purchase,” he said.

Publishers also want the Kenya Revenue Authority to crackdown on pirates who make huge sales without reporting revenues or paying taxes.

Mr Waweru was accompanied by Mr Edward Sigei (CEO Kecobo), Mr Simon Sossion (chairman anti-piracy committee) and book publishers whose work had been pirated.

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