Provide evidence linking me to NYS scandal, Waiguru tells DP Ruto

Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru has told Deputy President William Ruto to provide evidence that links her to the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal.

In a statement to media houses, Waiguru said that she had been appalled by DP Ruto’s recent interest in the case and his resolve to address the issue in public gatherings.

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“I, like many Kenyans, are curious about what, regarding my submissions, has made the Deputy President and his close allies so uncomfortable that they have to comment on this matter in public gatherings,” read Waiguru’s statement.

Instead of commenting on the NYS Probe in public gatherings, the former Devolution CS challenged Ruto and Duale to present facts to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

“All I did is appear before the PAC after I was summoned and gave my version of events supported by facts and evidence. If the Deputy President or Duale have facts to assist in this or any other investigation the appropriate thing to do would be to appear before the EACC, CID, or PAC like I and other witnesses did and present the evidence,” she said.

Waiguru said that she had no interest on engaging in public exchanges with DP Ruto on the matter since it was being handled by government agencies, noting that doing so would be against the standing orders and can be construed as politicising an ongoing inquiry with the aim of subverting the process.

“As I said, Kenyans are very intelligent people. They are following the events very closely and will not be fooled,” she said, adding: “Anything else is not only against the standing orders but can be construed as politicizing an ongoing inquiry and an attempt to subvert the process.”

The former CS was speaking in response to statements by DP Ruto and Duale linking her to the alleged loss of Ksh1.8 billion at the NYS.

Speaking on Sunday, Ruto claimed that Waiguru is shifting blame on the issue, saying businesswoman Josephine Kabura who is considered a suspect in the scam has connections to Waiguru.

“Her hairdreser admitted to having carried NYS money in sacks like potatoes and yet she (Waiguru) wants to pretend that she has no connection to the NYS scandal,” Ruto questioned.

“Public money has been lost and those who are responsible should take responsibility, and as a government we will take action against anyone found culpable,” he added.

Speaking on Sunday, Duale warned Waiguru against dragging DP Rut’s name in the scandal, saying she betrayed Jubilee by engaging in corrupt dealings.

Waiguru, in her submission, before PAC last Thursday, distanced herself from the fraudulent activities at NYS saying she notified the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) the moment the matter was brought to her attention.

“Allegations linking me to the loss of money at the NYS are untrue and are schemed by cartels that were aggrieved by my stern actions to curb theft at the Ministry,” she said.

Ruto’s pronouncement on the matter is seen to have been triggered by Waiguru’s statement before PAC, linking his personal assistant Farouk Kibet to the scam.

Waiguru further claimed that cartels linked to businessman Ben Gethi, who is also a suspect in the scandal ,used Ksh.200 million to remove her from office and push an agenda, in the media and social media, that would pin the blame on her.

The former Devolution CS, who has expressed interest in running for Kirinyaga governorship seat in the 2017 election, has called for through investigations to reveal those behind the theft at the NYS.


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