Protesters burn Jubilee posters in Kisii, say it’s a Nasa zone

People said to be Nasa supporters Monday night burnt Jubilee campaign materials in Kisii Town even as President Uhuru Kenyatta starts a tour of the region Tuesday in a bid to woo voters for support.

In an act of rage not normally associated with the peaceful Kisii Town central business district, the protestors singled out and burnt posters belonging to Jubilee candidates.

They temporarily blocked the road outside the Capital Hotel roundabout as they burnt the posters on the tarmac, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Chanting Nasa slogans, they vowed to give President Kenyatta a hostile reception should he set foot in the town, declaring it an opposition zone.


“We will not allow the President to come here and feed us with Jubilee propaganda yet we are unable to afford three meals a day because of the high price of maize flour,” said Albert Machera, a Kisii Town resident and a Nasa supporter.

He blamed the Jubilee regime for the inflation that is currently being witnessed in the country, saying that it has made life unbearable for most ordinary Kenyans.

“We are witnessing the price of basic commodities rising on an almost daily basis, yet our meagre earnings from business remain the same. What new thing can Jubilee offer us in terms of governance?” the mitumba clothes trader posed.


President Kenyatta is scheduled to tour the region Tuesday in a bid to woo voters to support Jubilee in the August 8 polls.

During his last visit, protesting Nasa supporters set Jubilee T-shirts on fire as they demonstrated in the streets of Kisii Town moments after his departure.

Nasa flag bearer Raila Odinga has meanwhile declared Kisii a Nasa zone.

“We are looking forward to increasing his tally in the county that gave him 68 per cent of the total votes in the last general election. Our target for his presidential bid is 90 per cent of the votes cast,” said ODM chairman and County Assembly Speaker Kerosi Ondieki.

He dismissed the president’s visit, saying it is inconsequential to Kisii residents.

“We are not bothered by Jubilee’s attempts to campaign in this region since they will definitely fail to capture the hearts and minds of the voters,” said Mr Kerosi.


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