President urges locals to register as voters, elect good leaders

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged the youth to enlist as voters in large numbers, saying their vote will shape the country’s future.

President Kenyatta said young people – who constitute the largest percentage of the Kenyan population – have the ability to determine the quality of leaders the country will have.

“But without a voter’s card you cannot participate in choosing the leaders you want during the August 8 General Election.

“Consequently, you will be used and dumped by politicians because you will not have the power to influence political decisions through the ballot,” he said.

The President was speaking on Saturday in Nakuru County where he made stopovers at Ngata, Salgaa, Sachangwan, Kibunja, Mau Summit, Total Junction, Molo, Elburgon and Njoro.

His tour is meant to mobilise the residents to enlist as voters before the deadline.

Opposition parties are also conducting similar campaigns nationwide.

He emphasized that the voter’s card is a tool that all citizens of 18 years and above must have.

“You do not register as a voter because you are forced to do so by a leader. You register because you want to safeguard your future,” the Head of State told the youth.

President Kenyatta also called on Kenyans to support Jubilee so that the country can continue on the path of growth and development.

Spreading the message of peace and unity, President Kenyatta urged Kenyans to shun divisive politics.

“Lies, tribalism, hatred and divisive politics will not help the country achieve its development targets,” he said.

He took the chance to censure the Cord, led by Raila Odinga, for opposing the construction of Itare dam, which he said will provide water to thousands of residents in Nakuru, Kuresoi, Molo, Njoro and Rongai.

“Stop playing politics with projects that are implemented by the government to transform the lives of Kenyans,” he told the Opposition.

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Mr Odinga has maintained that the project will lead to drought, putting the lives of Kenyans at risk.

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