President Uhuru outlines his major achievements

President Uhuru Kenyatta is hugged by DP William Ruto when they arrived for the Manifesto Launch at Kasarani Stadium on 26th June, 2017

President Uhuru Kenyatta took to the podium to highlight his administration’s achievements in maternal healthcare, last mile project and the recently launched Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) as Jubilee Party launched its manifesto yesterday.

The President pleaded with Kenyans to hand him another term, stating that his administration had shown the will and commitment to move the country forward.

Mr Kenyatta cited waiver in examination fees and Huduma Centres that have brought Government services closer to the people.

“We promised Kenyans many things; the first one was a promise to free maternal healthcare. Today, more than three times of our mothers can afford to deliver in hospitals,” he said.

“We also started Huduma centres and Kenyans can now access all Government services in whichever part of the country they are,” he added.

The President reminded Kenyans of his promise to connect households to the national grid.


President Uhuru outlines his achievements as he woos Mt Kenya


President Uhuru outlines his achievements as he woos Mt Kenya

He said his administration had managed to double the number of households with electricity.

ICC baggage

On the multi-billion shilling SGR project, Kenyatta noted that Kenyans can now travel from Mombasa to Nairobi by railway in four hours, which he said will open up parts of the country for business.

“We said our economy cannot grow without the support our our neighbouring countries. Today, our people don’t need passports to travel to the countries,” he added.

The President recalled how the country was warned of consequences if they were elected at a time they were still shouldering the International Criminal Court baggage.

But he said since he took power alongside his deputy William Ruto, the world has opened up to Kenya and other countries and ready to engage Kenya on different fronts.

“We were told Western countries would not work with us. Today, all countries want to work with us. We were told devolved units would die in our reign but today no governor has been denied funds. Within two-and-a-half years, we have managed to hand over devolved functions to the county governments,” he added.

“I am here to ask for another term. I have the right because we have shown the will. I have the right because we have achieved a lot. I have the right because even what we have not done we will achieve,” he said.

The President did not, however, mention projects like five stadia in major towns, seven to 10 per cent economic growth and five million jobs in five years, which his administration has failed to deliver.

In his opening remarks, Kenyatta took a swipe at Opposition leaders, whom he accused of engaging in politics of vengeance.

“The difference between us and them (opposition) is like night and day. There are those who are seeking leadership by blaming others. Ours is to learn from past mistakes and rectify them,” he said.

“We wish to give the people of Kenya a government that works for the people but a government that works with the people. There is nothing greater than empowering the over 42 million Kenyans,” he added.

Ruto said the expansion of road network, energy and SGR will provide job opportunities to the youth.

“We are here to start a new contract between Jubilee and the people of Kenya. Slightly over four-and-a-half years we were here…our record speaks for itself. We are here to proudly talk to Kenyans about we want to do for them,” said Ruto.


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“What sets us apart from our competitors is that we have a track record. We also have a superior agenda for the country that our competitors can only copy. We welcome them to copy because it is the best,” he added. 

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