President to ask private sector for pay raise

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said he cares for the Kenyan worker and will impress upon the private sector to give them salary increments on the next Labour Day.

The President said that will motivate workers to produce quality products, which will ensure more customers.

The Head of State spoke when he toured the United Aryan Company, a garment factory in the Baba Dogo Export Processing Zone in Nairobi.

“For the past two years, we have not increased salaries for private sector workers. We are now saying come Labour Day we will impress on your employers to give you a salary increment,” President Kenyatta said amid cheers and applause from the factory workers.

He added: “However, in return you must do quality work so as to attract more customers for your products.

“I know the difficulties you face as workers. I am working to fix them and I want the private sector to do their bit.”

The President also informed the workers that in this year’s Budget the government has waived tax on bonuses and overtime, saying that will improve workers’ lives.

“We decided to waive taxation on your bonuses and overtime allowances,” said the President. “This is to ensure that you concentrate on your responsibilities of producing quality products, which would in turn attract better markets.”

The President also called on the workers to register with the National Hospital Insurance Fund, which would give them to access to quality medical services. He said with the hospital card any Kenyan can access better medical services as the government has improved funding to ensure comprehensive coverage.

“We want to do away with harambees (fundraisers) so that every citizen can access proper medical care for their well-being,” said President Kenyatta, adding that a cardholder qualifies to access healthcare at private and public facilities.”

He thanked the company’s workers for their quality work, saying the aim of the government was to ensure Kenyans can purchase new clothes at cheaper prices so as to stop buying second-hand clothing.

“I am grateful for the work you are doing here,” he said. “During the first ever super sale, which was held in Kenyatta International Convention Centre, hundreds of your fellow Kenyans lined up to buy what you are making here.”

He said similar events will be in Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu and Isiolo, among other Kenyan towns.

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