President gets new aide-de-camp in Defence Ministry changes

President Kenyatta has a new Aide-de-Camp (ADC).

Lt Col Victor Mburu was first spotted with the President at St Joseph’s Cathedral in Ngong for a prayer service.

The officer will now act as President Kenyatta’s personal assistant, help him on security matters, protocol and matters of military tradition.

Defence Ministry spokesman Bogita Ongeri said the change is effected from time to time because of career progression of officers.


The selection of Aide-de-Camp is done after consultation with the National Defence Council.

“The period of which the Aide-de-Camp will serve will depend on several issues, including age, but most of them serve in that capacity for three years,” Mr Ongeri said.

Sources privy to the routine selection said the president has to know his ADC as intimately as possible.

Lt Col Mburu replaces Col Peter Njiru, who served as President Kenyatta’s ADC for more than five years.


Col Njiru crossed over from former President Kibaki to President Kenyatta moments after his swearing-in on April 9, 2013.

The ADC’s work revolves around escorting the president out of State House into the waiting car, opening the door then saluting when the president sits.

He serves as a symbol of dignity to the presidency.

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Lt Col Mburu will also be charged with handling and carrying President Kenyatta’s personal items such gifts, speeches and others.


The ADC is expected to maintain a good working relationship with the Presidential Escort Commander as they are the most immediate personal staff to the President.

“He is like the President’s bodyguard and must at all time, be aware of the Commander in Chief’s (President’s) itinerary,” Mr Ongeri said.

ADCs have to move to Statehouse to be in close proximity with the president and have to adjust their lives to fit in that of the president.

They have to know exactly where the president is, at what time and the environment that he is in.

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The ADC’s performance, behaviour and interactions are closely monitored.

When Moi assumed the power in 1978 he carried over his ADC, Major Macharia from Former President Kenyatta.

Major Ngugi Ikenye later took over from Maj Macharia who was succeeded by Colonel Wilson Boinett.

When Boinnet moved to the National Security and Intelligence Service as the Director General, the ADC position was filled by Colonel Alexander Sitienei then Lt-Col Jonathan Rono and Col Stephen Boiywo respectively.

Former President Mwai Kibaki’s first ADC was Lt-Col Jossiah Mrashui followed by Lt-Col Godfrey King’angi who is now the Mbeere South MP-elect.

He was replaced by Col Peter Njiru and now Col Victor Mburu.

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