Power is with the people, not politicians – Nick Ndeda

Kenyans are grappling with a love-hate relationship with their family and friends who hold political positions contrary to theirs. This has further been mirrored in social media, where ninjas are talking tough while others are goading each other only a few sober minds are preaching peace.

XFM radio presenter has pointed out where the problem lies.

“I got into broadcast media in November 2007 a month before PEV happened. I recall doing the morning, mid morning and drive show because I was the only presenter who lived close enough (safe enough) the radio station. It sucked having to find a way to keep calm/positive/open minded on air at a time when the air was so polarized with palpable fear mixed with anger and discontent. I told myself as I walked to and from work every morning ; “I hope this sh*t blows over and never happens again”. 10 years later… I’ll repeat the same incantation as I walk to my current radio station tomorrow morning. Something’s really gotta give Kenya. We need to save ourselves because no one will evidently. Not God, not the courts and certainly not a bunch of polishitians!”

He continued, “Solutions to our problems are not coming from polishitians or from the heavens above. These atrocities are happening to US, so don’t you think we have to fix it ourselves? If you boycott work today, that’s fine, but don’t sit at home all day waiting for a polishitian to instruct you on the next course of action. People have died, loved ones have been lost. And it will keep happening unless we take back our power as a people.”


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