Polls were fair, IEBC says, but Raila says results manufactured

The 2017 General Election was conducted in a peaceful, open and transparent manner, the EACC has said.

Chairperson Eliud Wabukala described the election as orderly across most polling centres.

About 19.6 million Kenyans were registered voters. Opposition leader Raila Odinga has refused to concede defeat, saying he will not accept a “computer-generated President”.

President Uhuru Kenyatta was delcared the winner on Friday last week.

He garnered 8,218,043 votes against Raila’s 6,817,245.

The EACC, which observed the election, deployed 11 teams and a total of 60 staff to polling stations across the country.

Wabukala said his team came across isolated incidents of voter bribery and other malpractices, including procedural irregularities, which have been documented in their Observation Report.

Twenty-six cases of alleged voter bribery incidences were encountered by the monitoring teams.

The affected polling stations were in Garissa, Meru, Busia, Wajir, Nyamira and Machakos counties.

Seven cases were handled by the police and one was referred to the Ministry of Interior and Coordination.

The commission is pursuing two cases of voter bribery.

The other 16 were pursued but remained unsubstantiated.

In Mavoko constituency in Machakos county, an aspirant was seen using a state corporation vehicle at a polling station and EACC is following up on the matter.

There were also complaints about procedural irregularities which slowed the polling exercise.

“Our monitors on the ground observed late opening in a number of polling stations. Some IEBC officers in the polling stations were not wearing identification badges,” Wabukala said.

Accompanied by CEO Halakhe Waqo and deputy Micheal Mubea, Wabukala urged losers who want to challenge the results to do so using laid-down constitutional procedures.

Waqo said, “We cannot afford to see the country degenerate into lawlessness on account of contesting electoral outcomes.”

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