Poll findings simply show Uhuru has already lost

poll does not reflect the reality on the ground. We commissioned our own
internal poll by a credible and reputable international firm as NASA and the
figures are 56 per cent for our flagbearer Raila Odinga and 41 per cent for
President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Star poll is just a reflection of a certain section of people depending on the
size of respondents reached and cannot be conclusive. Our pollster covered
every county and subcounty to arrive at results showing Raila is leading Uhuru
with a huge margin.

don’t think the Star’s poll figures are commensurate with an election that is just
19 days off. Also, these are figures that were released a month ago and it is not
for nothing it is said a day is like a week in politics.

if a day in politics is like a week and these figures reflect the scenario
obtained last time, yet people have been on the ground campaigning and
some people realigning to various political parties, then I don’t think there
is a major issue in this poll.

whichever way this polls poll leans, it simply tells you that the incumbent has
lost and is losing this election.

polls that have been released in the recent past show that Uhuru is not leading
with 50 + 1 per cent to guarantee him a first round win as provided in the

this one places him at a 49 per cent lead against Raila’s 44 per cent, it clearly
indicates that the incumbent is losing and Jubilee is not winning and Kenyans
should know this.

instance, although my bid to retain the constituency seat may require a simple
majority, it means I must have 50 + 1 per cent to win in the first round.

is nothing Jubilee can do to win, considering our NASA internal poll. Also with
19 days to the election, a small percentage of all undecided voters cannot be
convinced to tilt the win in favour of Jubilee.

should also know that the undecided voters are being scrambled for by NASA and
Jubilee, hence each gets a share allowing Raila to widen his win margin further
against Uhuru.

polls show that the incumbent is not leading with 50 + 1 per cent, then know
that the public are unhappy and dissatisfied with his performance.

Junet is MP, Suna East


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