Politicians to pay for clearing posters after campaigns

All political aspirants will be required to pay a fee to facilitate clearance of posters placed in all public places once the campaign period is over.

The fee will be paid to the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) which is in accordance to the Environment Management Coordination (EMCA) Act 2013.

The fee known as the Environment Deposit Bond seeks to ensure that all political aspirants are responsible for littering during the campaign period as they seek to popularise themselves to the voters.

Nema’s Compliance and Enforcement Officer Zephania Ouma said the charges will be determined once they hold a meeting with the relevant stakeholders who include the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and Council of Governors (CoG).

“We are playing our role as the Act is clear on the imposition of the fee. Once we hold the meeting we shall come up with deliberations on how to make it operational,” said Mr Ouma.

He noted that other factors to be discussed after the meeting include the decision on whether it will be the responsibility of the individual aspirant or the parties and coalitions to deposit the bond on behalf of aspirants.

“The deposit bond will be refundable but only if the aspirants clear their posters and to a level approved by Nema officials,” he said.

Mr Ouma said the deposit bond will be directed to the NEMA Environment Restoration Fund account adding that county governments will also be included to make the exercise effective.

According to Mr Ouma, the deposit bond will also be extended to other areas which include industrial plants and factories which also have adverse effects on the environment.

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