Political alliance for ‘providers of alternative leadership’ in the making

Dr Aukot told the Nation that so far, three champions of the alternative leadership model had joined forces, with talks ongoing to include more.

A political alliance for candidates branding themselves as providers of alternative leadership is in the making, with its proponents targeting all the Kenyans who usually do not vote in General Elections.

A number of small parties have so far shown interest in the idea being championed by Dr Ekuru Aukot, one of the drafters of the current Constitution, who in March 2016 announced that he would run for the Presidency through the Thirdway Alliance Kenya, a party he leads.

They include Joshua Onono, who was Abduba Dida’s running mate in the 2013 General Election, and Cliff Mboya of the Gamechanger Movement.

“Our idea is to try and say, ‘There is no difference between Jubilee and Nasa,’” Dr Aukot said.

He said that consultations were ongoing on the name to use for the conglomerate.

Asked if the participating members had signed contracts, he said: “This is just an idea we’re discussing. We feel it’s something we could actually do if we are to seriously present Kenyans a real alternative to these fellows (Jubilee Party and National Super Alliance).

“We are proposing a name that we can we adopt of the existing parties and let everybody fold up and join that particular party; because we are saying that the fundamental problem in Kenyan politics today is coalitions. And these coalitions come with such vices as tribe”.


Mr Onono said they had “decided to join hands and create a new dimension christened The People’s Movement whose sole aim is to change the game and players”.

“We are at cross roads as a country, leadership has failed on all fronts, same game same players hence the need for alternative leadership,” he said.

His 2013 partner in the presidential race, Abduba Dida, is now in the Tunza Coalition that comprises, among groups, Mr Dida’s Alliance for Real Change party and the Roots Party of Kenya.

“Abduba Dida has approached us now thrice; to discuss about possibilities of ganging up together,” Dr Aukot said.

Dr Aukot feels that if those offering alternative leadership combine and shun tribalism, those Kenyans who do not vote in General Elections can come out this time round.

“We are thinking of how to give hope to those Kenyans who are now apathetic hope. We can only do that if we can give them a different outfit,” he said. “We are going to call for a non-ethnic political campaign; it’s a non-ethnic political agenda.”

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