Police to use every means necessary to contain violence, says Owino

Police spokesman Charles Owino yesterday assured Kenyans that they will use any means necessary to contain violence should it erupt during next month’s election.

He said if there will be violence, they will use a “slightly higher force than that meted out by the people to stop it”.

Owino said the police are ready and prepared and will provide sufficient security before, during and after the polls.

He spoke during a forum held by the Federation of Women Lawyers.

“We are prepared for the worst because Kenyans can be cheeky. However, I urge Kenyans to maintain peace,” owino said.

He added that the newly acquired fleet of armoured vehicles will be used for many other duties apart from containing mass protests.

The new anti-riot vehicles have the capacity to carry 9,000 litres of water each and are fixed with riot control materials, including foam, teargas and paint, which helps to cotnrol protesters.

More than 1,000 people were killed in ethnic violence following the disputed presidential election in 2007. The police were blamed for shooting about 400 dead. More than 500,000 people were displaced.

Owino offered his apologies to the women candidates countrywide as they will not be able to give them bodyguards.

He said they have inadequate manpower advised the leaders to contact county commanders in case they need support from the state.

“We only give mandatory security to presidential candidates.”


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